Maritime Investigations

Shipping & Logistics

Aristeed carries out marine investigations including vessel tracking, cargo tracking, asset recovery, corporate veil investigations and fraud investigations. We also conduct due diligence for law firms, ship owners, traders and Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Clubs to establish the asset position of a potential business partner or the feasibility of pursuing a claim.

Vessel tracking and Asset Recovery

We have sound knowledge of maritime law, and understand circumstances on the ground, even in remote ports.This enables us to offer pragmatic advice on whether or not there are goods to attach, whether or not it’s feasible to make a ship arrest, as well as the best jurisdictions and best timing for an arrest to ensure a favorable settlement.

Corporate Veil Investigations

Aristeed has a successful track record in establishing the true ownership of cargo, vessels and other assets. These are often hidden in offshore companies, registered in non-disclosure domiciles. We provide vital information for financial recovery, liquidation proceedings and insurance claims.