About Aristeed Information Services

Aristeed B.V. is a licensed, full service investigation company based in The Netherlands, near Amsterdam. Whilst we specialize in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we regularly carry out assignments worldwide.

We provide a range of business intelligence including integrity due diligence and corporate investigations, background checks, intellectual property protection and maritime investigations.

We are able to bridge cultural gaps, dissolve language barriers and place assignments in context. Whether you are European and wanting to prevent fraud in your African distribution network or from the Americas and considering a joint venture with a Dutch company, we provide you with the necessary information to proceed, confidently.

For each assignment, a team of investigators is carefully put together, ensuring the best match of expertise to the case at hand. Our information is garnered from unique and credible sources, using an established global network of well respected analysts and licensed detectives. We offer you coordinated case management across multiple jurisdictions.

You can expect well researched, concise reports written by native English speakers. Our work methods comply with the laws and protocols of the relevant countries. Information is sourced and presented in formats required for litigation support.