Corporate Investigations

We carry out fraud investigations with capability, a shrewd sense of timing and calm to ensure the desired outcome. We have extensive experience in asset tracing and dealing with offshore structures and non-disclosure domiciles. We work ethically and discreetly. Information is gathered and presented in the formats required for litigation support.


We formulate a careful strategy for gathering evidence, without alarming potential suspects. We focus on identifying the perpetrators, maximizing recovery and future prevention.


We anticipate scenarios and follow a carefully constructed plan. In this way, we ensure the best opportunities to gather evidence. We know how many operatives to deploy, and when, for a cost effective operation that ensures a result.

Asset tracing

Aristeed has extensive experience in analyzing complex corporate structures to decipher their real purpose and the interests behind them. We know what domiciles a company might use for different offshore structures to make assets harder to trace. We are able to identify the connections between individuals, companies and schemes for fraud investigations and insurance claims. Aristeed has built up a wealth of experience in tracing assets in a range of sectors around the world.