Background Screening


We are mindful of the sensitive nature of employee vetting. Experience and correct procedure are critical. We handle every person’s details with respect for privacy and we exercise diplomacy at all times.

Executive screening and vetting

Cross-border vetting is critical in our increasingly migrant and mobile employment landscape. Aristeed carries out pre-employment screening on senior executives across the world. We verify CVs, checking educational qualifications, employment history, integrity and reputation, potential conflicts of interest, solvency status and media standing. We gather and verify information from interviews and a range of international and in-country databases and present it in concise, objective reports.

Employee background checks

We offer standard packages for routine checks on large projects. We also offer more customized approaches for senior and sensitive appointments. Checks may include :

  • Verification of identity, address and contact details
  • Property ownership
  • Credit checks and bankruptcy filings
  • Directorships, shareholdings and business associates
  • Verification of educational qualifications and membership of professional bodies
  • Verification of employment history and reference checking
  • Media searches, general and special interest, international and in-country.